Scientific Word for academic papers
Software for Typesetting and Publishing

Science, Engineering, Economics or Maths? Academic papers to write? Equations to typeset?
Cross references? Table of Contents? Bibliography? Dissertation or Thesis? PDF output?

Revealed! LaTeX-bypass software powerfully liberates academic and commercial researchers in universities and central banks around the world to produce professional scientific papers (PDFs) with intuitive Windows interface: from editing screen to printed page (below).
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After writing the document using our point-and-click interface, just select Typeset – Preview PDF.

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All the details are available at word-details.htm

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By download:

  1. The v5.5 trial is available for immediate download by clicking below (primary server):

    or, if unavailable, please go to the backup server:

    * based on the cost of a 12-month licence

  2. You will then need to obtain a 30-day serial number, together with installation instructions, for the Scientific Word program you've downloaded.    ...then go here pointing down arrow

    Either by Email

    Or by web submission

    Please click the link below (simply click and send). If you have not received an Email with your serial number in 10 minutes, please check your spam folder.

    If the link should fail to open an Email on your computer, simply send an Email to with the Subject "REQUEST: Scientific Word 30-day serial number".


    Please double check your Email address to ensure you receive our reply. Thanks!


By CD:

Alternatively, for a free 30-day trial CD of Scientific Word, Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Notebook v5.5, please Email your request to us, together with your postal address. Please specify for which of the programs you require serial number/s.

Uninstall information:

Your free trial use of Scientific Word will expire after 30 days. To uninstall the program (if required) click on Start – Control Panel – Programs and Features – Scientific Word 5.5 – Uninstall.

Operating system:

Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook run under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and up.
Unfortunately the current version 5.5 of Scientific Word/WorkPlace/Notebook only runs under Windows. When version 6.0 is released, it will run on Mac and Linux in addition; please see our Announcing Version 6.0 page for further information.
In the meantime, we suggest committed Mac users consider Windows emulators. The page at provides a comparison of two such products. Hope this is helpful.

Terms of Service:

You are permitted to install and register the 30-day demo on two machines which have not previously had this family of programs installed before. You many not reverse engineer the software.
Although this is mature software we do not guarantee uninterrupted service; it is your responsibility to maintain backups of your documents. We are not responsible for loss incurred through damage to your documents.

We believe that life should be fun - and work's part of the fun. That's why we provide fabulous software for
scientific word-processing (and on-line computation!) We make it available to try before you buy. Would you like to try it? (Click)


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